The School of Ministry (EMSCM) was designed to provide Biblical and Theological information to Christians of all ages and standing in the Christian life. The material is also non-denominational. It was aimed at increasing understanding about the Bible and related Christian matters.

The School of Ministry  closed on Saturday 8 June 2013.

The School of Ministry began in January 1993 and ran for just over 20 years.

We thank God for the history of the EMSCM and the teaching resource that has been available to Christians from various Churches in the Midlands. A special expression of appreciating is given to all those who have lectured faithfully over the years.

You are invited to access the "Resources" page which contains around 200 documents which comprises many of the lectures given by Richard Lee at the EMSCM. Additional papers are also available under such headings as: - 

 OT studies:
 NT studies:
 Church History:
 NT sermons:
OT sermons:
NT Greek studies:
General studies:
Papers translated into Polish:


Szczecinska Szkola Chrzescijanskiej Sluzby (Szczecin School of Christian Ministry) Poland

The Szczecin School of Christian Ministry began in May 2013 and ended in 2015. It is anticipated that the SSCM will run for three weekends in the months of May and September each year. 

If you are interested in the SSCM please contact the Director, Richard Lee email: